Delivery directions

There are four main directions of SUEK AG coal delivery. The most important direction of our seaborne deliveries is the Pacific region. Shipments to Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries are arranged via JSC SUEK`s own ports in the Far East – Vanino Bulk Terminal (Muchke bay) and Maly port and also via the port of Vostochny. The main consumers of our coal in this direction are power stations, cement and metallurgical companies.

About 35% of the total volume of coal is exported through Murmansk and Baltic ports to the countries of the Atlantic basin. Murmansk and Ust-Luga ports are equipped with cleaning and crushing/screening equipment. Coal transshipped through Baltic ports and Murmansk goes to Germany, Turkey, Spain, Scandinavia (Finland and Denmark), Israel, Morocco, Italy, ARA region etc.

The third direction of our sales is Black Sea and Azov Sea (through ports of Azov and Izmail). Shipments of sized from these ports are destined for Turkey and Bulgaria.

Considerable tonnage of steam and sized coal is also delivered by rail to Eastern Europe (Poland, Baltic countries, etc.) and China


  • MURMANSK (Germany, Mediterranean countries, ARA)
  • UST-LUGA – terminal MRC (Germany, Mediterranean countries, Scandinavia, ARA)


  • VANINO BULK TERMINAL (Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico)
  • MALY (Japan, Taiwan, S.Korea, Philippines)
  • VOSTOCHNY (China, Taiwan, S.Korea, Vietnam, China)


  • AZOV (Turkey, Bulgaria)

Railage to Eastern Europe and Asia

  • China,
  • Poland,
  • Baltic countries.