SUEK AG was established in December 2004 as an exclusive exporting company of Open Joint Stock Company "Siberian Coal Energy Company" (OJSC "SUEK"), the largest Russian coal producer.

We are the biggest supplier of Russian coal to the international market. SUEK AG delivers coal to more than 30 countries all over the world. Our preferred goal is to develop direct relationships with consumers  of our product thereat, more than 75% of our sales are made directly to the end-users.

The principal place of origin of the coal we deliver is Kuzbass region (Russia), however, production units in Khakassia, Buryatia, Khabarovsk and Zabaykalye regions, all of which are in Russia, contribute to the total export of coal as well.

The total number of tons sold (including traded tonnage) was about 31.8 mio MT in 2011,  about 38.7 mio MT in 2012 and the outcome of  2013 was about 42.4 mio MT. Our expectations with respect to 2014 are about 44.5 mio MT.

As mentioned above, in addition to sales of Russian coal, which is produced by the enterprises operated by OJSC SUEK, we are effectively engaged in trading of coal produced by other Russian coal producers and coal and other carbon products of non-Russian origin. Traded volumes in 2011 were about 2.4 mio MT, in 2012 1.6 mio MT  and in 2013 about 2.5 mio MT . SUEK AG has in its portfolio Indonesian, Australian, US and Colombian coal and also US petroleum coke.

We arrange deliveries both by sea and rail, mainly on the basis of the following terms:
  • CIF/CFR - discharging port;
  • DES/DAP - discharging port;
  • DAF/DAP - cross border station;
  • FOB - loading port;
  • FOB - barge ARA.
Moreover, SUEK AG is the biggest charterer among Russia-originated suppliers of coal. We chartered about 18.2 mio MT in 2011, about 19.3 mio MT in 2012, and about 19,8 mio MT in 2013. Our major geographical area in chartering is the Atlantic region where SUEK AG provides for more than  90% of all its seaborne sales on CIF and DES/DAP terms.

The implementation of price risk management allows SUEK AG to manage its exposure on coal and freight markets and optimize its growing portfolio. SUEK AG is able to trade with about 20 counterparties both on OTC derivatives market and through professional clearing brokers. Further development of the paper market appears to be inevitable for coal trading and it is our intention to follow new demands accordingly.

Besides high quality of coal which is a must in our business we adhere to the following principles:
  • direct relationships with consumers;
  • long-term cooperation;
  • individual approach to consumers needs;
  • high level of service and reliability.